Fuel Box Music is a soulful label run by owner and producer Joshua Boon.

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Joshua “Bone 40” Boon


Born in the early 80’s in a small town in the  Netherlands, Dutch Producer Bone 40 caught the hip-hop-virus at the age of 10 through artists like Public Enemy, NWA and LL Cool J.

From then on, his deepest, biggest desire was to own a sampler and 2 turntables…..But all he got was the old, antiquated piano in the living room to work out his ideas plus his father’s tape-decks to loop with (“yeah, sorry for that, dad”). His search for the roots of hip hop led to the discovery of several soul, funk, jazz and reggae (dub) artists, and in combination with the keys, to a balance between dark beats and melodious tunes.

Nowadays the Bijlmer resident has furthered his love and passion for music and brings layered productions which balance between Hip-hop, Blues, Soul, Dub and Jazz, often laced with Bluesy improvisations.  He composed, produced and co-wrote the critically acclaimed SoulDubHop album “I” by his group Fuel Box, that was released end of 2011.

In 2016 he dropped the Jazzy EP “Groovin'”, with features from Susanne Alt (Saxify), HiCoup (Public Enemy’s
Johnny Juice, Chuck D, Sotu the Traveller), Angèle de Jong and others.
It got attention on several blogs worldwide and a nice review in Dutch Paper Parool.

Apart from music, Joshua Boon works as designer, illustrator and screenwriter.

Fuel Box


Utrecht-based formation Fuel Box delivered an unique mixture of Classic Soul, Dub and raw Hip-Hop.

Underneath producer Joshua Boon’s dark mix of dub and hip-hop lay the foundations of catchy & bluesy songs. Singer Remy Britsemmer wide-range vocals gave the short but powerful tunes a psychedelic and soulful edge. Together they’ve generated a sound that is best described as if a 60’s Soul singer and a latter day hip-hop producer cut an album together in 70’s Jamaica.

Started from the underground, they moved quickly up when their E.P. got good reviews (in Dutch). Several magazines published interviews (in Dutch), music was used in programs on MTV (GameKings), BrightTV (RTL4). Their first video for “The One” (made by ILoveWork) was in the rotation on clipchannel Xite. Radiochannels like SLAM!FM, Radio6 (Wicked Jazz Sounds, Jazz Jong, Winfried draait door) and KX radio played their music on a regular basis.

The liveshow really got off when Fuel Box was invited by Habek (Kyteman’s Kytopia) for their Masterprogram, getting guidance from veterans Pax (Kyteman’s Orchestra) and Dibbe van Laarhoven (Kyteman’s Orchestra). They played on Festival Aan de Werf in the center of Utrecht and other venues across the country.

“Musicality, originality and audacity superbly come together on the impressive debut “I”… Fuel Box delivers an incredible debut that with the right support could also attract attention beyond our borders. “
**** Nu.nl (In Dutch)

“Several media responded positively to the growth Fuel Box went through in a short time. The band, consisting of producer Joshua Boon and singer Remy Britsemmer, made it into the selection for Radio 6 Soul & Jazz talent, was 3voor12 “Hollandse Nieuwe” and rewarded with airplay in several programs on Radio 6.”
Ad.nl (In Dutch)

“I don’t want to sound like an A&R scout talking about ‘hit potential’, but really: I feel like Fuel Box is on the verge of something bigger. We’re keeping an eye and ear peeled for them since early last year and with the current release of the album ‘I’, it’s great to see the Netherlands-based group gets more and more recognition for its raw, melodic and dark tunes.”

“Rave reviews from nu.nl, Fret and LiveXS and enthusiastic responses from the camp of the ‘Wicked Jazz Sounds radio show’ were already their part. The debut CD might reach an even broader audience and the song “One Day”, with its catchy chorus, has the potential to become a hit. In addition to there is a lot more beautiful to be found on this album, like the songs ‘Working Spazz’ and ‘What You Do for Love.'”
VPRO Jazz Jong(Radio 6)

“This duo- with their blend of hip hop, soul, funk, pop and dub- makes tracks that have very high quality, can appeal to a broad audience and will remain timeless.”

“Fourteen highly amazing musical adventures.”
Live XS

“A mix of Hip-Hop, Dub & Soul, how will that sound? In the case of Fuel Box: marvelous.”
High Life Magazine

“On the real, Fuel Box’s I is definitely worth a listen because chances are, you just discovered your new favorite band for the new year. It’s one of those albums where the music and beats are consistent, but each track has different elements, making them unique from the previous one. One listen is all it takes to become hooked on this Netherlands-based group. Their music is raw, emotionally filled and melodic.”
Grimy Goods/L.A’s radiostation 98.7 website

In 2015 the album got a rerelease by American label “Beats Broke” (Arts the Beatdoctor, Skiggy Rapz, Inf et. al), including bonustracks and remixes by producer Inf and Pi.

Today Joshua Boon and Remy Britsemmer went their several ways, you can find Remy’s works as a solo artist here.

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